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How Our Workforce Solutions Help Your Company:

Temporary Staffing allows rapid flexibility – scale up for projects, new contracts, seasonal rush then scale back down as needed.

    • Avoid HR recruiting, hiring, and onboarding followed by layoffs, terminations, and unemployment
    • Avoid additional worker comp and liability exposure – we cover our employees assigned to your worksite
    • Avoid additional HR burden of employee management – we handle discipline, absence, illness, injury, replacement, and payroll for our employees assigned to your worksite

Outsourcing the “high turnover” portion of your workforce can save you time and money

    • What is your cost of missing production deadlines or falling behind schedule during chronic staff shortages?
    • What is the cost to corporate HR for recruiters, job advertising, constant onboarding, employee management, frequent termination, worker comp, unemployment claims
    • Focus on core business with tenured and senior personnel

Proven Processes

    • We use nontraditional, unique candidate sources in combination with top job boards
    • OSHA trained and certified staff at all our branch offices
    • We focus on logistics and light industrial – we know your industry
    • Agile and comprehensive technology stack – web-based ATS/CRM, multiple job boards, paperless onboarding, texting app, direct deposit payroll, extensive applicant database
    • Federal contracting and Medical staffing heritage – regulations, rigor high standards, compliance, and discipline


If you’ve never used a staffing agency or are unfamiliar with how it works, explore the tangible ways PrimaCore can help


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