Allow a solutions specialist familiar with your industry and location to contact you

How PrimaCore Solutions Is Different:

We have extensive staffing experience in your industry

Unsuccessful or frustrating experiences with staffing usually comes from one or more of these problems:

    • Poor communications – agency failed to stay in contact and follow up on issues big and small
    • Expectations were not met – agency misrepresented their capabilities; overpromised; didn’t listen to customer’s unique needs
    • Not a priority – didn’t seem like the customer was important after the agreement was signed

We're a small company with big resources to apply to your workforce solution

    • You will receive personal attention the larger national staffing companies can’t or won’t give
    • We invest in state-of-the-art technology to maximize efficiency
    • Primacore strives to have clients view us as a partner, not a vendor – that takes hard work
    • Communication with our clients is a top priority

We take our Core Values seriously

    • Primacore hires for character as well as skill and job fit
    • We treat everyone with respect
    • Our reputation is our most valued possession

We succeed using Proven Processes

    • Proud 20-year corporate heritage of federal contracting and healthcare staffing brought to bear on the light industrial and logistics staffing space
      • Rigor and discipline from an environment of strict regulations, contract adherence, and compliance measurement
    • Agile and comprehensive technology stack
      • Web-based ATS/CRM, multiple job boards, paperless onboarding, mobile app, texting app, direct deposit payroll, extensive applicant database, talent pool



If you’ve never used a staffing agency or are unfamiliar with how it works, explore the tangible ways PrimaCore can help


If you’ve used staffing in the past but had a bad experience, learn how PrimaCore may be different


If contingent staffing is already part of your business model, explore how PrimaCore may be the best fit for your operations