About Us

PrimaCore Solutions is a privately-held staffing company established in 2006 in response to the staffing shortage in Texas. In 2016 we opened a new office in Houston. We have a solid history of providing superior workforce solutions. Our company provides Logistical and Light Industrial staffing and recruiting workforce solutions to businesses. More specifically, we serve businesses that specialize in manufacturing, distribution, hospitality, and transportation industries. Additionally to supplying local businesses, we offer general office support staffing and recruiting workforce solutions in all corporate and regional offices.

The successful evolution of PrimaCore Solutions’ growth is a combination of 30 years of combined industry experience. We take pride in our leadership and our demand for excellence in recruitment, retention, and customer care. Our performance history speaks for itself and our clients can rest assured that the future brings new opportunities for continued success.

We understand a client’s need for highly qualified, expertly trained professionals. PrimaCore Solutions is able to quickly fill staffing requests with highly qualified & reliable personnel.

We are able to serve you with personalized attention 24-hours a day, seven days a week. With cost-effective staffing solutions that exceed industry standards, PrimaCore Solutions offers the complete staffing package.

Core Values

Respect – Dignity – Kindness

Genuine Honesty & Integrity


Open to ideas & to constructive feedback

Hard work – Play Hard

Culture – “A Handshake Is a Deal”

TAMENOS – It’s Safe… No Armor

Don’t Shoot the Messenger – Use Rubber Bullets

Common Ground and Understanding

Open Environment – where we trust each other


Provide human capital resources and customize workforce solutions to commercial businesses, government, and the Department of Defense.  DME is a leader in the staffing industry, establishing a business model that leverages customer service and long-lasting business relationships.


“The premier workforce solutions provider.” 

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