How Do Staffing Companies Help?

We need staff on the double!

Do you find yourself in staff shortage with no clear plan for filling those job openings?  If you need speedy placement, Primacore will shorten the time to fill those open positions. Businesses need to be able to fill the bottom line quickly before productivity starts to take a major toll. Primacore has expertise in being able to find the candidates that you need. Additionally, our curated talent pool will result in higher-quality candidates for you. These high-quality candidates have a greater chance of becoming an employee after the contract/tryout period.

Get the staff you need, without the HR Headache

Secondly, we can help cut down on the potential overhead cost that HR would need to utilize for salaries and benefits. Having your HR team start from scratch to fill positions can be time-consuming, expensive, and ineffective if done poorly. On top of that, we handle onboarding and payroll continuously throughout the entire contract. Save yourself the stress and let Primacore take on the responsibility of completing all the headache-inducing tasks you need to complete.

How is Primacore going to get it done?

Lastly, our industry experience allows us to better understand your business needs. Primacore has over 30 years of industry experience in the light-industrial and logistics industries. We bring a deeper understanding of the staffing environment and a passion to continue to learn fresh new solutions. Primacore has a proven process to complete onboarding, employment management, client relationship, and recruiting. This process ensures that all the necessary actions to address your workforce solution are taken care of. Get your operations back in order with Primacore!

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